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Details of Registered Guides & No of Scholars

S NoName of the TeacherYear of Registration No of Scholars
1Dr. N.Naga Malleswara rao201439
Details of Scholars Obtained Degree under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarAwarded Year
1Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoPrasanthi BAnalysis and Comparative Study of Machine Learning Techniques to Handle Brain Image Segmentation on Medical Images OCT 2019
2Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoLalitha Kumari GAnalysis And Comparative Study Of Hybrid Soft Computing Systems For Medical Applications JUN 2020
3Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoPurna Chandra RaoStudies On Hadoop Distributed File System Performance Optimization Techniques SEP 2020
Details of Scholars working under Registered Guides
S NoName of the TeacherName of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholarRegistered Year
1Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoSree Rama Murthy Data Mining Query Results In Clustering For Multiple Database ResourcesJAN 2009
2Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoVani GSecure Message Transmission In MANETSJAN 2011
3Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoG.Vijay DeepPerformance Evaluation Of Image Segmentation Methods For Medical Image AnalysisJAN 2014
4Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoNaga Raju PData Confidentiality And Security Enhancement Using ObfuscationJAN 2014
5Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoSeshagiri Rao GAn Efficient Probabilistic Trust Based Neighbor Node Integrity Verification And Path Construction Model For Wireless Sensor NetworksJAN 2014
6Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoSubhani SkDuplicate And Invalid Data Identification In Textual Context Using Elastic Search AlgorithmJAN 2014
7Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoVanathi ADynamic Multilayer Support For Data Aggregation To Reduce The Hotspot Of Sensors In IOTJAN 2014
8Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoVRNSSV Sai Leela Optimistic Feature Selection And Classifier Design For Machine Learning Based Sentiment AnalysisJAN 2014
9Dr. N.Naga Malleswara raoSiva Lakshmi BMicroarray Image AnalysisJAN 2015